Crash Investigations Wing (CIW)

The Crash Investigation Wing (CIW) at ADCR is the most advanced and one of its kind road crash investigation team in Pakistan. CIW has been engaged by the Government of Pakistan in investigations of many national level road disasters including the Kalar Kahaar schoolbus accident in 2011, the Therri bypass accident in 2014 and lately the Ahmedpur Sharqia oil tanker tragedy in 2017.

ADCR-CIW has also been offering services to a number of prestigious multinational clients in major disasters. The training wing of ADCR has also trained hundreds of crash investigators in the Pakistan for civil and military organizations.

Notable Cases:

On-Site Investigations

It happened! How can we help? If you are nearby, call us!

We shall dispatch our experts right away. Our services are affordable enough. Else we shall guide your on duty transport officer on the phone on what to do step by step, collect and preserve evidence and then you can send it to us for examination.

Digital Forensics

People sent you photographs and you need to know if they are genuine?

Maybe we can help. ADCR provides digital EXIF scrutiny services which can help determine through scientific analysis of hidden metadata in photograph files when, at what time, where and how these photographs were taken with what camera, We can also determine if and how much the pictures have been doctored by image editing software using ELA and other techniques. We do this for all kinds of photographs.

Off-Site Scene Reconstruction

So you know what happened and just need a nice collision diagram to fit into a report or a presentation?

We’ll do that for you. Send us a rough sketch and we shall make you a computerized collision diagram fast and cheap for your company reports.

Component Failure Analysis

Got some broken parts or a failed tyre and need to know if it failed during the accident? Or did it fail and cause the accident?

Thankfully, failure analysis at ADCR can tell you through a complete root cause failure analysis using ultra modern fractography tools to ascertain the failure mode in which it failed. if it failed before the accident thereby causing it, we can tell you if it was under fatigued, overloaded or was it a pre-existing flaw in the part itself.

Crash Animations

How about an animation for the presentation?

it’s not as hard or expensive as you think. We shall make it for you reasonably cheap. All you need is to call our number and send us the collision diagrams.

Legal Assistance

What’s done is done, now need to scuffle on FIRs and battle it out in court?

ADCR has a legal team too with the perfect police work and court experience who can help prepare FIRs and cases or help reach an out of court settlement. They can take on the hassle for you.

Fault Analysis and Violations

You know how it happened but whose fault was it?

Let our legal team tell you. We shall let you know who and what was at fault according to Pakistan’s penal code, NHSO rules and Pakistan Motor Vehicle Rules. We shall also tell you what legal clauses are applicable if matters go into court.

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