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Transportation is one of the vital aspects of production.  Management of safe and secure transportation systems is  necessary for successful business operations. However, managing transportation safety and security risks has its own challenges, i.e.  The work environment, roads, law and order situations etc. are beyond direct control of the company itself.  ADCR offers its expertise which can help companies  develop and manage safer fleet operations or analyze and upgrade existing systems with newer technologies to help achieve a better safety record, save costs and optimize supply chain reliability.

Accidents have a huge amount of annual latent costs far beyond repairing vehicles. i.e. medical bills, legal costs, delivery delay costs, rehabilitation cost, rehiring and retraining of lost employees and most importantly, loss of reputation.  The return of any investment in improving safety is immense and our valuable corporate customers endorse that !

Legal Compliance

Are our operations legally compliant with the laws of the land?

Transportation laws in Pakistan are complicated and scattered. Enforcements are sporadic. But it all becomes critical in case of a mishap. It is vital for transport fleet operation to verify that all operations fulfill all legal requirements that are required for a particular business.  ADCR not only verifies that for you, but also periodically audits your system to make sure so trouble steers clear of you. Moreover, ADCR helps setup a business model so that minimum risks and legal liabilities are borne by your company. Laws are there for a purpose, and complying will not only save you the trouble of litigation, they will greatly reduce your chances of having a disaster in the first place!.

ADCR specializes in these laws with a unique experience on all around the table. We have not only successfully developed legally compliant fleet operations procedures for several Multinational Companies transporting hazardous material in Pakistan who truly endorse our expertise. We have also worked as crash investigators for the Government in investigating and Penalizing noncompliance such as the Babusar top and Ahmedpur Sharqia inquiries. Our Legal Wing and Crash investigations Wing has been consultants for the Ministry of Communications, Government of Pakistan in writing and developing a new law!  [Dimensional Rules under NHSO]. All this has gives us a crucial overall understanding of the legal systems and its workings that we bring to help you develop.

Implementation of Safety Regulations

So we know what the rules are, the question is, how do we implement them on our contractors and fleet?

Compliance can be arduous, complicated and full of all sorts of resistance. It often needs needs alot of investment, convincing and a good plan. ADCR experts can help you develop testing protocols and procedures, and make a step by step implementation plan, developing skill sets and awareness along the way

Developing Best Practice SOPs

Safety Saves Money, right ?  Fantastic to know we are legally compliant, how can we improve the system to emulate the best practices in the world ?.

Luckily, improving safety in transportation is not about money and huge sums of investments – its more about clever thinking and small bits of improvements at a time. The benefits always outweigh the costs. It is important not only to comply with the Pakistani standards but to go beyond it. Accidents incur a huge financial loss and a reputation loss to organizations and it is important to go the extra mile to avoid them. We can help you analyze your system and help adapt the best practices followed worldwide that are possible at minimal costs.

This phase would study what is easily possible to implement and how the transporter and manufacturers can be developed with a phase wise development plan.  We can help you analyze and evaluate your system and help you work in each segment separately.

Vendor Development

We use third party transporters instead of owning our own vehicles, How can we have an effective development strategy to help our transporters flourish and stay safe?  And how can we be convincing enough?

“The Conventional Definition of Management is getting work done through people, But real management is developing people through work” -Agha Hassan Abedi,
(Founder of BCCI Pakistan).

Vendor development is as crucial as self-development.  Good vendor development programs are not only effective, but also convincing enough for vendors to voluntarily and committedly uptake.  The gains reflect in savings and better management of the vendor. They can be an amalgamation of Driver and Management Trainings, Analysis of procedures and protocols, adaptation of modern driver profiling and recruitment procedures, testing procedures and a good 6-monthly, yearly goal setting and a reward based, positive reinforcement program.

OGRA RT Standards Implementation  for Oil Marketing Companies

We know what the standards are in our case, we just need to figure out how to implement them !

Oil Tankers in Pakistan have a set of standards known as the OGRA Road Transport Technical Design Standards for the Construction of Oil Tankers 2009 Loosely based on the international ADR Standards. These standards lay out the technical design criteria for vehicle design, vessel design and their  inter-compatibility,  ADCR offers its consultancy services in helping companies understand and implement these laws through a set of specialized trainings and implementation plans. We can also help access your current fleet and the possibilities to upgrade it to OGRA compliant.

HSE Accident Data Analysis

ADCR can reexamine and reinvestigate all the previous road crash data of your fleet using modern crash investigation and management techniques sucrm solutions to the identifiable issues. Improve the system and also develop  new accident reporting procedure which can be used by your company and its transporters based upon more recent methods of accident reporting and analysis. We’ve even done this as consultants for the National Highway & Motorway Police and the National Transport Research Center to resolve the reasons behind crashes at the M2 Kalar Kahaar segment.   This report is public, but we can always sign a Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) with you to protect your data.

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