Policy Research & Lawmaking Consultancy

ADCR is the only organization in Pakistan which holds qualified expertise in developing vehicle engineering laws in Pakistan.

Vehicle crashworthiness and its governing rules are an extremely important part of vehicle design. In most countries the construction of vehicles is strictly controlled and regulated by engineering bylaws that regulate everything from dashboard design to the use of safety glass in vehicles, ensuring safety for occupants and other road users to the max.

The current situation of laws in Pakistan is in urgent need of revision and up-gradation. The Motor Vehicle Laws 1969 (MVR1969) made under the Motor Vehicle Ordinance of 1965 (MVO1965) are now almost half a century old and grossly outdated with respect to the current automotive technology. The National Highway Safety Ordinance 2000 (NHSO2000) has the provision to make rules, however the rules on vehicle construction are still under development.

Other industry specific rules exist such as The OGRA RT Technical Standards and Industrial Gasses Safety Rules, These rules need to be periodically updated and have inspection and enforcement procedures developed for a uniform implementation.

Currently, ADCR has completed the first phase of developing rules for HTV classification and geometric constraints under NHSO2000 with the Ministry of Communications, Government of Pakistan.

In the second phase of development, Conspicuity Regulations and Passive Safety Regulations are being developed.

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