A Road Safety Audit (RSA) is the formal safety performance examination of an existing or future road or intersection, identification of blackspots and other deficiencies in road design which make the colonies safer and make enforcement easier by design ADCR has an extensive experience in providing Road Safety Audits for a wide variety of major and minor developments throughout the whole of road structure development in Pakistan. ADCR qualitatively estimates and reports on potential road safety issues and identifies opportunities for improvements.

Most State DOTs have established traditional safety review processes. However, a road safety audit and a traditional safety review are different processes. It is important to understand the difference between the road safety reviews that are commonly performed and newer road safety audits. The main differences between the two are shown below:

Colony Audits

So we have a colony which is constructed according to ASHTOO standards, The roads are great. do we still need an Audit ?

Yes, An audit looks for loopholes in design which have been overlooked. It is not only about the road design, its about roadside design, pavements, flow of traffic, VRUs, children and horticulture. Better traffic dynamics not only make roads safer, they also make them stress free and more efficient for its inhabitants, saving millions in collective time savings every year.

Third Party Inspections vs. Self Audits

Our HSE team is splendid at what they do, do we need a third party to do the work?

Agreed. The concept of third party audits is to get a fresh look on everything. Since internal inspectors are familiarized with the colony landscape, they are very likely to overlook blind spots and certain black spots. Secondly Road Safety Audits is a specialized field which involves civil and mechanical engineering. Auditors have years of experience studying accidents and their dynamics to understand their causes and solutions.

Spot Audits

Everything is fine, just that one spot where we seem to have all the trouble, what do we do there ?

Accidents often have their favorite spots, these black spots are often problematic and need a fresh look by a seasoned road safety expert. More often than not, the issue is resolvable with a little effort such as adding a traffic calming circle or a few cat eyes. ADCR will help you there too, if the issue is small enough, you can send us pictures and we can do our best to tell you what we think is best.

Before RSA

At following intersection high speed roads were intersecting at an angle of 135 degrees results in high speed vehicles entering the intersection with intent to go either right or left. A high speed vehicle entering such an intersection requires a larger radius which might result in a vehicle moving out of its lane towards the center of the road at the apex. This increases the possibility various possible collisions at this intersection; mentioned below:

After RSA


Why traffic calming circles?

  • Changes the vehicle speed to cater for the circular path around the calming circle
  • Human psychology will demand from the driver to slow down for the incoming obstacle i.e. solid part of the calming circle
  • Would force vehicles to follow the lane discipline resulting in decrease in opposite lane collision
  • Improves visibility of a vehicle coming into the intersection
  • Decreases the severity of collision as the relative motion of the vehicles is parallel instead of being perpendicular. A parallel relative motion results in lesser relative velocity which translates to lesser change in momentum and hence smaller energy to be absorbed in case of a collision
  • Decreases the collision possibility without interrupting the traffic flow as compared to a traffic signal
  • Reduces the traffic collision by 50 percent according to the Federal Highway Administration USA

RSA is a hot topic these days. but Why?

What our Clients’ say:

Director - Strategic Organization's Colony

We are very pleased with the service received and the positive outcome for our colony.

The service provided was professional direct to the point and alternatives were provided on discussion of the reports requirements, a user friendly service in every way to a legacy job.

Logistics Head - TOTAL Parco

We've seen the most benefit in doing an audit during conceptual and preliminary design.

The road safety audit process looks at the roadway from a purely technical safety viewpoint without outside influences. It is a valuable process that gives an unbiased view of safety issues with support from safety experts.

We would be pleased to provide you with our competitive fee proposal to provide you with our Road Safety Audit Services.

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