Tire Failure Analysis Services

Tires are one of the most commonly failed components in vehicle crashes. They are often the cause of the crash, but as crash report data indicates, tire failure is more commonly a misreported cause. More often than not, tires that fail during the crash as a consequence are attributed to failure before the crash as a cause.

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Drivers / Responders Authorities are all tempted to blame it on the tires to absolve blame. There are also reports of drivers intentionally damaging the tires after a crash as evidence of concealment. Sometimes, the tires are misused, tampered with, or used in violation of specifications that causes them to fail with drastic consequences. The failure repeats itself- incurring huge costs and consequences for corporations

Thankfully, through the crash forensics expertise available at ADCR, it is easy and cheap to determine the exact cause of the crash – Enabling companies to find the exact cause of the crash (as opposed to the reported cause) and empowering them to take the correct remedial action that prevents failures from happening again!

Send us the tire, along with a few photographs of the crash and ADCR shall send you a report (hopefully within one working day).  The service also works remotely if shipping the tire is difficult.  One of our experts available online shall guide your field officer on how to photograph and document the damage properly. The accompanying ADCR report based on relevant RCI manuals can also be very beneficial in clearing ambiguities and resolving issues between contractors.

As ADCR we strongly believe that any investment in safety offers the best of all ROI, and our long list of Government, Oil & Gas, consumer goods and other Multinational clients fully agree.

Example: Sample Tire Failure Analysis Report

Example: Sample Tire Failure Analysis Report

Contact: rci@adcr.com.pk

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